Monday, October 6, 2008

My latest!

This lovely girl is my latest piece of needle felt work. She's based off the bunny that won the award at the Royal Adelaide Show. I intend to do more bunnies in the same design. This one I decided to call "Melody" and she's already been sold and is on her way to live in the USA.

I'm currently working on a brown bear. He'll be 5 way thread jointed. It's been a while since i've thread jointed any of my work so i'm making a few adjustments to him at the moment. He should be finished within the next day or so. I'm looking forward to showing him off. I tend to do a lot of "cartoon" looking critters but this one is a little more realistic looking in the face. Stay tuned to see what the finished product looks like!


Judith said...

Oh Narelle! What a cutie! How long do your projects take? I seem to take AGES on mine! I guess it doesn't help when they keepo on "morphing" into other things...I do my needling at night in front of TV. have to stop 1 hour before bed or I get too stimulated!Love it though. So many possibilities!!

AussieFelts said...

Hi Judy! Thank you so much. :) Usually each piece takes over 20 hours to complete. I can usually knock over one project a week.

I do my needle felting the same way you do...every night in front of the tv.

I know what you mean about getting over stimulated. I get excited about what i'm making and take ages to go to sleep sometimes. LOL!

Take care,
Narelle :)

Brenda said...

How totally adorable. I am in love.