Monday, October 13, 2008


This is Hershey! He was named by Kay Petal from Felt Alive after I requested name suggestions for him when I had a mental blank. He's a 5 way thread jointed bear made with Corriedale and Merino wool. He has german glass eyes and mohair eyelashes.

I'm currently working on another bear who should be making her appearance within the next day or so.


Karen said...

Oh his name is gorgeous, it suits him to a tee. Beautiful work

Judith said...

Narelle! A real character!I love the neat way you work. I will be interested to see/learn how you made the joints. where did you learn to needlefelt Narelle?

AussieFelts said...

Thank you Karen! :-)


Hi Judy! You're back! I'll zip an email off to you tomorrow. I basically taught myself. I got a needle felted bear kit off eBay. I read the instructions on how to make them...then put them aside and made a cat instead. LOL!

AnniKae said...

I just read an interview on Candice Creations blog. Thought I would stop over and tell you that I love your work.
Happy Day!
Anni Kae

Brenda said...

He is incredible. I can't believe you've only been felting a year! Awesome - what an inspiration.